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Chunri Collection

Chunri Collection

Purchase the Luxurious Chunri Unstitched Collection ’24

Chunri is a traditional textile print which forms certain patterns and motifs. The designs are normally gained through the tie and dye method. The natural/ artificial dyes used to create the designs on textile stay for long. In Pakistan, each province has different cultural and ethnic clothing styles. Just like Ajrak from Sindh, this method originated from Punjab and is mostly used on dupattas. But now this design is used as a print on different textiles by brands.

What is Chunri Print?

Chunri is a tie and dye method employing vibrant colours together to create a certain print. The original process is quite elaborate. In which knots are made on the fabric using different things such as stones or beads placed in the centre. The way you tie the knot changes the pattern and creates new designs. But as this method takes time, brands have started using the common chunri design through the use of printing. Printed chunri collection by Ellena has the most beautiful vibrant colours. To elevate your whole summer look, the chunri collection is a perfect companion.

Chunri Collection 2024 | Subtlety Redefined

The hues in this collection have really subtle shades. From blue to green to yellow, these colours have majorly dominated this collection. The mix and match of two colours is brilliant and shows the expertise. In the Ellena chunri collection you will find twelve articles which have been subtly designed to make you look beautiful. You can choose any dress from all the pictures provided above. The black and white dress has been balanced as the shirt is black with white chunri print and the dupatta is white with black print.

Wide Range of Hues with the Chunri Collection

This collection includes a wide range of colour palette. The people can choose their favourite colour of chunri dress. The hues which have dominated this collection are bright colours. Orange, yellow and blue colours are majorly used. In the real chunri method, bright colors are used. But Ellena gives you both, bright and subtle shades with printed chunri designs. This collection is 3 pieces unstitched. Which means you will receive a dupatta, shirt and trouser with this summer collection.

Fabric for Chunri Lawn Collection 2024

As this collection is a summer collection, light and flowy fabric is used. Lawn is the main fabrication used. Ellena makes sure that you get top-quality clothing. This is why high quality fabric lawn is used for all collections. This collection will definitely last you the whole season. As each article of this collection has been carefully made to perfection. The person adorning it will look amazing for sure. You can buy this collection online at In case you need any help you can contact our customer care through call or email. All details are given at the bottom of the page.

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