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1 Piece kurti - Ellena Ready to Wear Collection

In Pakistan, loose fabric is widely available in markets and also by top fabric brands. But currently with ready to wear or pret wear are becoming more accessible to the current public. The main reason behind this is that society is becoming fast paced and people need readily available clothing. The ready to wear clothing is available in one, two and three pieces. At Ellena you will find all types of ready to wear collections and at an affordable price.

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Nowadays women tend to buy 1 piece kurtis as it is easier to carry and style them. They also don't require much time to get them stitched by the tailor. Stitched kurtis come in different styles and different fabrics. This is why you will find the stitched 1 piece shirts by almost all clothing brands.

The shirt's style or design is related to the current trends which are in fashion. The trending fashion is related to either the type of print or plain kurtas. For example, previous year print on print was the go to style. And then came the trend of simple plain shirts. Buying from Ellena has its perks as you will find whatever you are looking for from here. Either it’s printed shirts for everyday use or embroidered shirts for formal function.

Fabric for Stitched Shirts Collection

The kurtis available at Ellena are of different fabrics. The fabrics are relevant to the season they are being released in. In summer, lightweight material such as lawn fabric is perfect for the warm season. Whereas in winter warm fabrics such as khaddar are widely used. Organza and khaddar fabric is used to make the dresses, or shirts in this case, of festive nature. Semi-formal and formal shirts can be worn on weddings or festive situations such as eid.

Price of Stitched Shirts 2023

Ready to wear shirts are perfect for girls going to university and offices. It helps you stay up to date with current fashion while also keeping you look stylish. Kurta or lawn shirts are perfect for summer wear. Loosely stitched kurtis can be styled in different ways with shalwar or trousers. You can also match any dupatta with it to make it more ethnic.

Ready to Wear 1 Piece Shirts Online

1 piece pret wear shirts from Ellena are affordable and also stitched to perfection. These shirts come in different styles either printed or embroidered. The shirts have different prints such as floral, geometric, vertical/ horizontal lines etc. The overall design of the shirt differs from shirt to shirt. Some kurtis have V-shape, collars, u-shape, etc. You can buy all lawn shirts online and in stores.

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