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A good quality perfectly stitched trouser accentuates the whole look of the outfit. If the bottom is unevenly fit or isn’t stitched properly it will look bad. At Ellena you can find the perfect quality bottoms of different types. From trousers to skirts, jeans and even shalwar, Ellena has all kinds of bottoms for you.

Style your favourite bottom

The bottoms can be in any shape and size and they can come in either stitched form or unstitched form. The best part from buying bottoms from Ellena is that they are at the most affordable lowest price ever. The starting price is Rs. 990 for the trousers and when there is sale you can have them lower than this even. The sizes of the bottoms for women available at Ellena are small (S), Medium (M), and Large (L). You can go through the size guide to see which size is a perfect fit for you.


The stitched bottoms are straight trousers, skirts, and jeans. You can order them online by selecting the style of the ladies bottom. The ready to wear trousers are stand alone which means they are 1-piece and there is no top with them. But you can match the bottoms with Ellena’s kurti collection.


The unstitched bottoms for ladies come in the form of a loose fabric. The plain fabric has no print but is available in different colours; the unstitched trousers come in different fabrics. For summers cotton cambric trousers are available. You can get the fabric and get women pants stitched from your tailor.

Fabric and Hues for the bottom

The trousers for women can be styled in different ways. This is why Ellena makes sure that you receive top quality bottoms either stitched or unstitched to style with your top. While buying our 1-piece kurti you can match the bottom with it. Cotton cambric for summers is the main fabrication you will find. Apart from that these trousers come in multiple colors so that you can match them perfectly. The stitched straight pants for women come in two basic colors black and white. These trousers go with any style of kurti and print. 

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