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Western - Bottoms

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Cambric Trouser
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    A-Line Skirt For Women
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      A-line Georgette Skirt
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        Skin Fit Jeans For Women
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          Skin Fit Jeans For Women
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            Skin Fit Jeans For Women
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              Skin Fit Jeans For Women
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                Bottoms for Women - Western & Eastern Wear

                Bottoms for women are of different types. It mostly depends on which style of top you are deciding to wear and which bottom you are going to pair it with. In case the dress you are option for is eastern, plain trousers or shalwar are a go to look with kameez. But of course if the top is western then the bottoms are western styled as well. Western wear bottoms are of multiple types such as jeans, straight trouser, skirt, wide legged trouser and many more. At Ellena you can find all these types and so much more online and in stores.

                Western Wear Bottoms for Women

                If you are looking for western bottoms in Pakistan then you have come to the right place. Ellema has stores with amazing western bottoms for you. The stylish and top-quality bottoms will look amazing on the person adorning them.


                As a casual western wear brand, Ellena offers jeans which are a perfect fit. Skin fit jeans for women look amazing with a white or black t-shirt. You can wear them with your friends at casual outings or maybe at university or college even. These jeans fully compliment your body so that you look and feel amazing.


                Skirts are flowy, look stylish while giving a modest touch. The A-line georgette skirt Ellena offers has all these above-mentioned qualities. For a top with this skirt, you can pair it with a t-shirt or even a crop-top or whatever is in fashion. Western wear skirts come in different colours so you can choose the one you like.

                Straight Trousers

                The straight trousers are made up of cotton cambric fabric. Perfect for summer days when you want to look stylish and also comfortable. You can style these trousers with printed tops as the trousers themselves are plain. Western bottoms pants like trousers come in different colors such as black, blue, and maroon. High waisted wide legged straight georgette trouser with belt is also available in two basic colors of black and white.

                Get Bottoms Online

                You can shop all types of apparel online such as tops and western wear bottoms. Pakistan has advanced its delivery services over the years so you can easily shop all clothes online. While buying from Ellena, in case of any confusion, you can always contact our customer service.

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