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Fabric By The Meter

Loose Fabric By The Meter By Ellena

In Pakistan, buying fabric in a loose form is a norm. You can find loose fabric in open markets or even online by brands such as Ellena. The unstitched fabric is available in meters so you can buy a certain limited loose fabric. In this specific length you can easily have your shirt stitched by the tailor. You can buy fabric by meter at at the most affordable price.

Printed Unstitched Fabric Online

The unstitched loose fabric is available in the printed form. It comes in different types of prints which includes abstract, floral, polka dots, horizontal\ vertical lines, tie and dye, etc. Depending on your age and style, Ellena has provided with multiple types of prints you can choose from. Prints with bright and colorful hues are more appropriate for younger girls especially university or school going girls. The loose fabric is of such good quality that you can wear it at home and outside as well. It all depends on how you design the dresses or what embellishments and laces you are adding on it.

Type of Fabric

The fabric of loose fabric depends on the season. As summer season is here the loose fabric is available in cambric and lawn. The lawn unstitched fabric by meter is available in different fabrications. For winter khaddar unstitched loose fabric is available online. Ellena makes sure that the quality of the fabric is never compromised. You can buy it online and also in stores.

Fabric by meter or yard?

As Ellena sells nationally and internationally, there might be a confusion for our customers on fabric by meter or yard. The yard measurement is mainly used in the USA and some other countries. In Pakistan, metric measurements are used which means generally you can buy unstitched fabric online in meters. Ellena sells the loose fabric at 2.5 meters. For your ease you can convert the meters to yards online. In case of any confusion you can always contact our customer service. You can email us at and/or call at +92 330 4154441.

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