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Jacquard Collection

Jacquard Collection

Jacquard Collection: Adorn Yourself in Unstitched Summer Dresses

Jacquard fabric was invented in France in 1804. It is a type of fabric which is woven specifically on a machine loom. Complex patterns are woven right into the cloth while using this kind of loom to weave fabric. This is why any fabric with woven patterns looks like jacquard. But in reality only textiles made on Jacquard looms qualify as real examples of this fabric. This makes jacquard fabric a complex yet beautiful textile invention. Ellena presents its amazing collection which has Jacquard lawn suits.

Jacquard Suit - A Style Statement!

Jacquard collection has become a style statement in Pakistan. Women prefer this specific fabric for formal to semi-formal dresses. As certain patterns are incorporated in this collection which makes it a self print one. It is a heavyweight fabric hence mostly used for stitching of wedding dresses. This makes it a durable fabric, a perfect one for formal dresses. It looks beautiful on whoever chooses to wear it. As the fabric has shine and weight, the person can wear it simply or adorn it with embellishments and embroidery. 

Eid Vibes with Jacquard Collection

The jacquard ladies suits launched by Ellena can be adorned on eid days as well. The unstitched three-piece collection has a wide range of hues. The colours in this collection include green, blue, pink, black, white and other colours. Gold colour is present in every dress. Either the print is golden or embroidered work. Dupattas also have a touch of gold in them and are also printed with floral designs giving it a feminine touch. For eid you can get it stitched in exactly the way in pictures by Ellena.

Premium Stitching Services by Ellena

Ellena provides premium stitching services which you can avail online. Choose any article that has stolen your heart and get it stitched and delivered at your home. If you buy the collection as unstitched you will receive an organza embroidered neckline and border patches with the suit. This also includes the dyed cambric trouser which perfectly matches the shirt colour. But availing our premium stitching services has benefits for you. You will get the dress stitched to perfection and exactly the way you see in the picture you want. You can select the specifications of the style in which you want the suit in.

Get Jacquard Suits Online at  

If you are looking for a jacquard suit online for Eid. Then Ellena is a perfect online spot for you. You will get top-quality clothing from Ellena online and in stores. In case you need any help you can contact our customer service representative through call or email. You can email us at

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